Zerolife Episode 39 - 6th November 2014

In this episode, Mark and Gavin discuss The Stanley Parable, Mark of the Ninja and Tabletop Simulator.

  • Despite Gavin's best efforts to ignore it, it would appear that our friend Turk from Arm Champs II has struck again!

  • For those interested, here is a good description of the Mile High Club Achievement.

  • Mark makes our time at uni sound so tame. What he doesn't mention is that we were drinking this  at the time. Well, that might have just been me. Improved Animal Crossing immensely though.

  • Quick poll: Which is the better comparison to the voice acting in Mark of the NinjaKung Pow or Kai En Tai?

  • This video perfectly encapsulates the true sandbox nature of Tabletop Simulator. Just a shame it doesn't end with a table flip.

  • Cuthbert the cat is seriously bad ass. He was integral to our victory over some slavers!

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