Zerolife Episode 40 - 4th December 2014 [Reupload]

In this week's episode, the full team is together as Mark, Gavin and Lewis discuss Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Fallout: New Vegas (again), roleplaying in RPGs, Mafia II and answer listener questions.

  • If you aren't as old and decrepit as the team, this is the song Gav was... “singing” at the start of the show.

  • If you want to see Mark's vision of horror (but with jokes), Futurama has you covered.

  • For the record, the boss battles in Deus Ex were indeed made by a different team to the rest of the game. 

  • The Escapist provide a very good explanation as to how Uwe Boll is allowed to keep making movies.

  • The behind the scenes story of the Super Mario Brothers movie is a lot more entertaining than the film itself.

  • If you want to hear Mark and Gav discuss No One Lives Forever 2, it was in our third episode.

  • Thanks to everyone who submitted questions!

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