Zerolife Episode 41 - Game of the Year 2014 - 8th January 2015

Mark, Gavin and Lewis are back together again for our Game of the Year Show 2015! As well as ranking the best games we they first played this year, we will also be inducting a new game into out hallowed Hall of Fame!

  • Turns out the Chris Kamara ad I was talking about isn't online, so here's a link to GambleAware instead. Don't gamble away your kids.

  • As Gav promised, Bam Bam Bigelow breaks physics! He has no need for your puny gravity!

  • And in topical dead wrestler news, the ECW Zombie has passed away two days before we posted this podcast. RIP.

  • Despite introducing BrassEye to the podcast, Mark failed to recognise one of its greatest sketches – "Goods Aids; Bad Aids". For shame!

  • The future of Scottish football?

  • Honey Badger Don't Care!

  • THIS is what Gavin got so excited about in GTA. Heaven Help The Man indeed.

  • Amazingly, Slamball is still around today.

Our final Game Of The Year rankings -

  • Lewis: 3. WWE 2K15; 2. Tabletop Simulator; 1. Kingdom Rush: Origins

  • Mark: 3. Jazz Punk; 2. Dark Souls 2: Old Crown Trilogy; 1. Rogue Legacy

  • Gavin: 3. The Stanley Parable; 2. The Walking Dead: Season 2 ; 1. GTA V

And this year's Hall of Fame induction goes to... NBA Jam! With special guest star BILL CLINTONBOOMSHAKALAKA~~!

And we'll be back next month! See you then! Don't forget to follow us on Facebook and rate and review us on iTunes!