Zerolife Episode 43 - 5th March 2015

Zerolife Episode 43 - 5th March 2015

Mark and Lewis are back with a new episode – and, despite Mark's pessimism last episode, we are back on schedule! This month, we are talking about Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II, Streets of Rage, more on why DLC is the devil and even a little bit on Bejewelled 3!

  • The TVTropes page on 40k is both a good introduction to the game and a great read in and of itself

  • Pictured: NOT a Judge Dredd knock-off!

  • As promised: The Space Hulk (1993) intro sequence

  • Fit Finlay looking the opposite of good in WCW.

  • Not only are there Cat Pokemon, one was the star of the first movie!

  • Behold, Ash, the gay stereotype Sega removed from Streets of Rage 3 for the European and American releases. I can't even...

  • For more context on why Mark smoked oregano, check out some Spaced. You might not understand his thought process, but you will get some laughs!

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