Zerolife Episode 44 - 6th April 2015

Zerolife Episode 44 - 6th April 2015

In this episode, Mark and Gavin discuss Sniper Elite v2, GTA V Online Heists and a comparison of CoD 4 and CoD Ghosts.

  • I didn't realise that the protagonist of Sniper Elite was such a decorated wrestler!*

  • Gavin, you're a feckin' idiot!

  • Unrelated, here's all US Army ranks, from lowest to highest.

  • Gabe Newell certainly doesn't seem too concerned about making HL3.

  • In case you are unfamiliar with The Italian Job – also, HOLY SHIT trailer edition has got a lot better since 1969!

  • Actually Mark, my Dad is retired now. Sorry Gav!

  • Further to PodcastEditBot's interjection – more on Most Haunted.

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* Christian's nickname was “Captain Charisma” at one point, non-wrestling fans!