Zerolife Episode 46 – July 2015

Zerolife returns with Mark and Lewis discussing the highs and lows of E3 2015! Which games are they most excited for? (You can probably guess Lewis' answer). Which announcements were they most disappointed by? You'll find out in this very episode!

  • If you would like to listen to Light Matters, Mark's band, you can find them on Soundcloud and Facebook. I can give them a hearty (albeit somewhat biased) endorsement!

  • The Shenmue Kickstarter is still going – and there are stretch goals up to $11m, so there's still plenty of reasons to get involved... if you're into Shenmue

  • If you missed Hoop Gawd, count yourself lucky – but you can catch up here

  • Unravel is so awesome, I'm actually posting an EA trailer

  • In case you were wondering, this is why Americans drop the h in “herb”.

  • As promised: HARD TIMES DADDY! RIP Dream.

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