Zerolife Episode 48 - Shownotes

In this episode, Mark and Lewis discuss Card Hunter, Heroes of the Storm, Magic: Duels and WWE Supercard.

  • If you (for some reason), don't want to get Card Hunter on Steam, you can still play it here

  • Although it mostly focuses on Mark's one true love (aka Starcraft II), this BBC podcast covers a lot of ground on e-sports culture more generally, and is worth a listen.

  • While these goddamn Windows 10 adverts are still pretty annoying, they're nothing compared to having constant pop-ups on my friggin' DESKTOP insisting that I upgrade now. If Windows 10 is so good Microsoft, WHY ARE YOU GIVING IT AWAY FOR FREE?

  • BEHOLD! The Donald Trump Hair Caterpillar!

Apologies for taking so long to get this out. I'll try to get the notes for Episode 49 up shortly!